Monday 6 February 2012

Darker Minds cover art.

So here it is, the cover for Darker Minds, the second anthology from Dark Minds Press. It's been created by the immensely talented Ben Baldwin. The brief he was given was simply to create an image to reflect the phrase "Darker Minds" and I have to say he'smanaged to convey that, and the tone of the book, incredibly well. The closing date has now passed for submissions and Ross and myself (mainly Ross it has to be said!) are working our way through the last few stories to get past the finishing line. I'm really excited about this, we've already accepted some excellent stories from some brilliant authors. There'll be names you'll recognise instantly and perhaps a few that are new to you.
We're looking to publish in March and books can be ordered from the Dark Minds website (along with copies of the original Dark Minds anthology). As soon as we have the finalised TOC I'll post it up here.

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